Bringing Market Home with You

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Inspiration comes from a number of sources, in any aspect of our lives. The world around us is rich with color, texture, and even aesthetic design. Likewise, inspiration at Furniture Source International is found in our daily lives, both in a deliberate way and accidental as well. This continued saturation of inspiration leads to a unique and dynamic provision for what we make and carry in our store.

Deliberate Sourcing for Inspiration

Weeks spent at the High Point Market in our wholesale capacity teaches us how to serve our clients throughout the country. This furniture market brings information about our business and inspiration for our design to one location. Buyers help provide guidance for future collections. A console we have designed for retailer may lead to developing similar or matching pieces in a four-door unit or six-door buffet. Our time spent installing our showroom at market gives us further inspiration when working with our pieces in an entire room. Rather than using the same color throughout, we may pull color into a single piece to create a focal point. We also mix and match nightstands, using different sizes, shapes, or finishes all together, while creating symmetry with matching lamps or an oversized rug to anchor the two pieces together. 

Accidental Inspiration

It should come as no surprise that we don’t exclusively spend time at our own store or at market. We experience life much like anyone else, walking around malls, running errands, flipping through magazines, and seeing movies. In our day-to-day life we find inspiration for our next creations. We may snap a picture of a door handle we want to adjust in scale to use later on drawers or on a cabinet. A color may be pulled from a wooden stain we see on a walk and used for a table or chair. Even if we are looking specifically at other furniture, we put our own fingerprint on it making it transitional, approachable, and original. 

Our Spin on Trends

When a new trend unfolds in the sphere of design, we become saturated in seeing the trend’s design and form characteristics. That saturation impacts the aesthetics we build into our own creations. We may use a new finish on a wood armoire to match a mid century design or adjust lines on a table to lend a farmhouse theme. However, within these adjustments, our pieces are still our own design at their core. Our pieces maintain their scale, the thickness and quality of wood, and use the of detail that we are known for. Additionally, we apply the design features in a subtle way to maintain the heirloom quality and versatility our furniture carries throughout the generations of your family and the rooms of your home. By adding small amounts of trends to our timeless pieces, we invite customers to tiptoe into design without remodeling their entire home. Our customers enjoy the opportunity to mix aesthetics, trends, and textures to make their rooms as unique as the pieces we make. 

To see the way we blend aesthetics and textures, timelessness and trends, visit our showroom or see some of our pictures for inspiration of your own.

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