Leather Artisans

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Furniture Source International is proud of the reclaimed and solid wood furniture we make, but our abilities extend far beyond wooden case goods pieces and accessories. One material we especially love is genuine Italian leather, found on our upholstered sofas and chairs made in Italy, available at both our retail and wholesale level. We work with a family owned southern Italian upholstery manufacturer to offer exclusive sofas, love seats, chairs and sectionals, even Italian engineered motion reclining options to offer the perfect compliment to your home.


Every one of our leather pieces is handmade from genuine Italian leather. We value our partner in production for their reputation for quality, consistency, and detail. The quality begins far before the furniture is even made, choosing specific farms for the care taken with the hides. We also assurance the tanning process involves as many environmental safeguards as possible. In fact, the process involves no chromium, yet each leather piece created possesses the natural characteristics often seen in leather. The cushions are made from both feather and foam to provide long lasting stability and comfort. Additionally, the frames themselves are considered made from solid wood to assist with support and provide a firm foundation for sitting, lounging, and rearranging when the time comes!


Attention to detail is seen in several components of the leather furniture we offer. We understand the appeal of lounging while watching a family movie or taking a weekend nap. For this purpose, several of our pieces offer motion for reclining and added comfort. That being said, the controls are hidden so they don’t take away from the craftsmanship. Further, we use a full hide for the pieces we create to avoid distraction from two pieces of leather which most certainly won’t match being used for full coverage. When seems are needed, for cushions, edging, and other components of the furniture, we choose stitching which will add to the character of the piece instead of taking away from it. Leather is a valuable, long term investment for homes and offices, according to Better Homes and Gardens, “[…] leather is a natural product, aging brings out it’s natural patina, making it even more beautiful over time.” We love to see how the leather alters slightly through the years as the piece is loved and utilized by the owner. A well-chosen leather sofa is a timeless piece!


Any hesitancy over care for a leather piece should be cast aside. One of the key components of our cushions is hidden zippers so the internal portions can be removed for thorough and complete cleaning. We highly recommend Leather CPR for cleaning the leather itself, which conditions and cleans the leather, improving the appearance over time. This conditioning is imperative for leather because of the natural aging process which takes place with genuine leather. The leather changes slightly in regards to warmth of color, hue, and grows softer with use and proper care.


In addition to the offerings we already have in our showroom in College Station, we can customize a variety of our leather upholstery frames that we offer. The lead time may be longer in order to include the piece in our shipment from Italy, but as one of our partners stated, “A well timed experience can happen!” Contact us for additional information or come visit us today!


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