The Artisan Difference

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Core to the pieces that Furniture Source International carries and sales, regardless of their size, is the unique qualities each piece possess. Rather than focusing on fabricated, out of the box items, we seek out to manufacture, wholesale, and retail items with character. The individual story and fingerprint each item holds depends greatly on the materials and purpose for which we have curated them.


Wholesale Items

A large amount of our business is focused on the wholesale of furniture pieces we design and sell in volume to retailers nationwide. Committed to our artisanal tradition, each piece is bench made to order, so that even our wholesale buyer is able to customize the pieces they love for their particular market. Handmade and tailored according to our customers’ needs, this lends to the variety we provide to retailers across the country, giving them the authority to customize items for their unique store and clientele and allowing us to be better listeners and creators for the wholesale market.


Offering beautiful furniture with a story to tell gives all of our customers, from wholesale to retail something to feel good about. Not only do the hands that craft each furniture piece begin to create this story, the material we use has a rich history as well. For our reclaimed wood collections, abandoned buildings in several parts of Mexico are located, purchased, and torn down with not so much as a single nail left behind. The wood procured is evaluated, treated by cooking it, and turned over to our craftsmen. Using the wood we find, and treating it to make it safe, gives our customers and their customers a piece of furniture with depth: touches of former paint, the marks of time, and individual character. Once it is made, we don’t have to attach warnings or labels, because no chemicals are used in our processes.


We could not make an item without another crucial factor, our craftsmen. These artisans have been making furniture and passing down skills, techniques, and trade secrets for generations. The ways they scrape and prep the wood, the ways they create joints, even the ways they handle each piece is unable to be replicated. This passion for building with precision is seen in our plans, but it is also seen up close, where the individual impressions can be appreciated. Such care is taken with each piece; a relationship almost forms between the craftsmen and what they are building. This relationship is then entrusted to our purchasers, who have an heirloom piece to pass down through their generations.


Custom Items

While it may seem obvious that our handmade pieces would carry a unique story, we take that a step further by being personally moved by the visions we provide our craftsman. The scope for creating these custom pieces is endless, whether they are a custom piece of furniture inspired by or modified from a piece in our homes, a picture or an antique, we take care to make sure our items have well thought out functionality, edges, hardware and overall design.

Each piece we carry, custom or wholesale, is something we find aesthetically pleasing and will stand the test of time, and our hope is you do too.  

Our retail showroom is waiting for you to visit, to appreciate the artisan difference, and the unique story we offer. Come see if there is something large or small you can bring home with you today.

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