FSI’s Hidden Treasures: Clearance

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It is no secret how much we love our showroom. We love the way it changes on a regular basis as items are purchased for homes or offices, as new items find their way to us, or as we mix and match new looks. But nestled amongst the couches and beds, the tables and sideboards, and accessories that we hope complete your home is a set of stairs. These stairs lead to an area not as often visited by customers, but should perhaps be a destination during each visit with us. Our upstairs houses one of our hidden gems: our clearance items.

It can be challenging to call this section of our showroom a clearance center, because of the stigma often associated with cast offs on racks. What may be considered broken, incomplete, or a factory reject in another store, is rarely what is placed in our clearance offerings. In fact, this area of FSI should really be considered exactly what was described earlier, our hidden gems section, housing pieces which truly deserve a second glance. We love the opportunity to hunt for a great bargain and to find a treasure and our clearance area reminds us of that hunt, of discovering what may have been previously overlooked.

Pieces make their way upstairs in different situations, each circumstance is different. Perhaps a leather, fabric or finish has been discontinued and we can no longer order a characteristic material of the piece. Occasionally we have an overstock and we need to gain momentum for those pieces to move through our inventory. Maybe a part of a set was purchased and the remaining items land upstairs or a market sample came to us from High Point market to add some interest. Sometimes items end up in our clearance inventory because they are the last pieces of a partnership with a company or a direction we pursued for a season. We also have some of our inventory moved upstairs to make room for new pieces on our floor, we constantly revolve what is in our showroom, the same is true for the clearance room of our store. Nothing in our clearance area is broken or defective, we would never pass a sub par item to our customers and friends.

The diversity found is endless. On one visit you may find a wide selection of four-poster beds, leather armchairs, and ornate pieces of art. On another visit the variety may surround an assortment of armoires, coffee tables, and leather upholstery, waiting to be taken to new homes. No matter what is found in the clearance section, the meaning behind the pieces and the story each shares does not change. These pieces are still incredibly unique, thoughtfully made, and possess their own individual fingerprint. Our hope for each piece is also the same, for a story to be told, for function to be provided, and for your home to feel a little more complete when placed just so. Each piece merely does so at a discounted price, as much as 75% off in some cases.

To take a peek upstairs and to see if there is a piece perfect for your home, come visit our showroom today. Better yet, come visit us regularly to see something new every time, completing your home as new pieces cross your path.

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